- I Graduate in Architecture with a Bachelor's degree 
on the social rehabilitation of the 
abandoned pentagonal 19th-century military 
fortresses of Rome (!).  It took me almost two years of research 
but I ended up getting the top mark 
(110/110 magna cum laude)

- When I was 20 years old I used to be an activist, 
feminist, little punk Riot Grrrl. 
There were only a few of us in Italy, 
Internet wasn't common  and there were no social networks 
(actually, no smartphones too) 
We stayed in touch organizing meetings 
two-three times per year, inviting all-female bands, 
talking about feminism and sharing our fanzines.
I had a Fanzine with my friend V. called "Clit Rocket"
where we reviewed queer bands, 
discussed topics dealing with gender, 
race and art by women. 
We had a radio broadcast too.
It was named "Queen Bee Radioshow", 
we were broadcasting every Tuesday night  
from RadioOndaRossa station, 
an historical pirate radio station 
based in the centre of Rome.
I'm no longer a little punk,
but I still support movements for women's rights

- I really wanted to practice Tai-Chi, 
but the Tai-Chi class ended up with no applicants
so the teacher forced me to sign up for Kung-fu class instead
Now I'm the only woman in a Kung-fu class of dozen men

- I used to be a Tenenbaum. Here's the proof (!)